It Simply Makes Sense

Heal this PLANET, One HUMAN at a time.

Located in the best little mountain village in South Africa! Hogsback, Eastern Cape is home to the Simple Sense Therapy Center. Our aim is to, one body at a time, change lives. Our bodies are magnificent creations, which sometimes go a little ‘off track’, gets out of balance and needs some readjustments and a true compassionate touch. Holistic Healing in the true sense of the word. A space to come and take care of everything from your toes to your thoughts. Our purpose is to serve as many people from all around the world as possible, contributing to the healing of humanity, one person at a time.


Movement being the Motivation.

All classes are suitable for ALL levels, body types and personalities. Miki is an Integral Yoga Teacher and combines various yoga disciplines.
We also do Stretch and Workout Classes, for those not yet comfortable to try Yoga.

Our GenWize Class is for folks’wiser’ than 65 years only and incorporates chairs and tools to help you MAINTAIN &/or REGAIN your physical Freedom.


Simple Sense Massage, combines various anatomical, physiological, neurological, esoteric and energy based forms of therapy. It’s Simple, try it for yourself.

Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation and many more services by specialized therapists, ensure that no matter who you are, where you are from and what your ailment, you’re welcome here and WILL find what YOU NEED.