I am… we are.

Hi. Who are you?

I am a business owner, I am unemployed. I have more money than common sense, I am broke and cannot feed my family. I live in a shack, I am homeless. I get abused by my husband and I beat my wife up every other night. I am a rapist, I am a murder. I am kind to every being I meet. I am generous and always give. I am lazy, I am a workaholic.

I am a drug addict, I am an alcoholic. I am a socialite, I am a loner. I constantly complain, I never let me guard down. I was born out of wedlock, I had a traumatic birth. My childhood was filled with love and magic. I was abandoned and never knew my parents. I am a doctor. I am a lawyer. I am a teacher. I am a hippie. I am a capitalist. I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist. I am an Atheist. I am a Moslem. I drive a Porsche. I walk. I am obese. I am anorexic. I am the light in someone’s life. I am the cause of someone’s suffering.

Yes I am all of the above and more. All of the above and less. I am everything and I am nothing.

We all know and some profess, that everything is CONNECTED. Yet we condemn one another effortlessly.

We are all on different paths, we are all meant to learn our own lessons. And we are meant to love each other wholeheartedly and without the constraints of conditions and judgments.

Use your judgement for the purpose it was meant to serve. Use your judgement to keep yourself safe and healthy. To know when to stop and when to go, to know what is too high to jump off and what is too hot to touch.

We all have traits and do things that someone won’t agree with. Some appear very lucky and blessed and others appear to be stuck in a cycle of self-destruction.

That doesn’t mean we need to fix each other or carry someone else’s burdens. I am simply saying; lets not ad more burdens with our condemnations.

No one has ever changed their behavior or thought patterns purely because they were told to. 

I honestly believe if you believe every person you meet is the absolute BEST version of themselves; 9 times out of 10, you will be right!

In Love & Gratitude