Self Love starts with Loving Others

March was our Month of Self Love!.

Maybe I must start with how elated and excited I was to start this month! I am a huge advocate of Self-Love, because this lesson was one of my toughest to START learning 6 years ago.

My colleague had a different start to the month. Self-Love is not as easy as just running yourself a bubble bath and lighting a candle for some ‘Me-Time’; For some it may be, but Self-Love is also not the same for everyone.


For some it’s taking a walk, doing exercise; for some it’s being with loved ones, for others being alone. Like there are different Love Languages, there are Self-Love Languages. People can assert and push and speak about Self Love without pause; and you can hear it, believe it, embrace it or reject it; but if you do now know what you NEED; if you haven’t identified your Self-Love Language, no amount of talk will convert to actions.

Along my journey, my lessons on self-love has been many, I have gotten to know myself well enough to know what I needed, what feeds my soul, what invigorates me etc. Acts of Self-Love for me ranged from; saying no to social events, taking time off, Gardening, Coffee all to way to ridiculous this like having a debate on controversial subjects with strangers.

Then Corona virus hit and (wait there’s a whole other blog just on that!) Go check.
(Leaving out a few irrelevant emotions and experiences )

4 Days into ‘Lock Down’, with zero contact, zero clients and zero classes. I found myself feeling very demotivated. Now I finally have time to do all the things on my seemingly endless to-do list, but I have no will, no drive and no fire to do them.  This of course just frustrated me more and then naturally the old behaviors crawl in, the self-loathing and disgust, why are you so useless?
Luckily I allow this knowing that it’s only temporary.

Last night discovered another part of me, I realised how much I love my job, my students, my clients, my patients and friends. How they are all a huge part of my own Self-Love quests. By loving YOU-ALL, I love myself more! By loving each other we learn how to love ourselves. We are all connected, we are ONE. By being Kind to each other we draw in, Exude and manifest more kindness.

Today I saw 2 clients, and already it made such a difference to me. THANK YOU!!!!

And as this month draws to a close, I am one lessen richer. I know myself a little better and can love ALL so much deeper.

Love & Gratitude


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