Me & Corona

Me & The Corona Virus…

When this started, before panic set in,  I remember sitting with yoga students and massage clients and jokingly talking about the subject.  I remember explicitly saying that ‘THIS IS WHY SIMPLE SENSE EXISTS!’ WE WILL KEEP PEOPLE HEALTH, HAPPY AND UPLIFTED!

One by one I saw these same clients and students fall into a space of fear, falling for media driven panic and succumbing to it. I was not giving up and going full steam ahead. Adjusting slightly, not allowing outsiders, over-sanitising and cleaning like someone with OCD. Still doing massages, still teaching yoga and trying to keep the mood lifted and spirits high. Identifying and sharing the blessings disguised in the madness.

Then our president announced a National Lockdown, 21 days of NO Business unless it’s an essential service. Still I had no worries and still I was not concerned. I know my service is essential, now more than ever. However, reality hits and my HPCSA registration does not classify me under the essential bracket.

So, eventually I surrender (Not by choice, fear and concern has ensured absence of all my clients and students).

I remained happy and positive! Seeing all the opportunity we have for change!!! As mankind we can finally voluntarily become KIND Man!! Economy busted, so we can finally Really HELP people, help each other and love each other without condition! I was filled with excitement and Gratitude!

So “Okay, fine, now I have time and can finally get my endless to do list done!” ….

Surprise surprise… my life force, my vitality, my purpose, my fire, my love, my passion, my livelihood IS MY JOB! MY BUSINESS, MY PEOPLE!  

No amount of positivity, gratitude and happy thoughts, can feed me like my purpose does! For me to even WANT to attempt my To Do list, I need my vitality! I need my Life Force & need to be for filling my purpose!

I have to do something, have to find a way past this tiny mental block. AND AS SURE AS I AM OF WHO I AM, I AM SURE THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS! We got this!!

I will keep you posted the moment I find my way. Until then, lets stay in Love & Gratitude, Always!


Self Love starts with Loving Others

March was our Month of Self Love!.

Maybe I must start with how elated and excited I was to start this month! I am a huge advocate of Self-Love, because this lesson was one of my toughest to START learning 6 years ago.

My colleague had a different start to the month. Self-Love is not as easy as just running yourself a bubble bath and lighting a candle for some ‘Me-Time’; For some it may be, but Self-Love is also not the same for everyone.


For some it’s taking a walk, doing exercise; for some it’s being with loved ones, for others being alone. Like there are different Love Languages, there are Self-Love Languages. People can assert and push and speak about Self Love without pause; and you can hear it, believe it, embrace it or reject it; but if you do now know what you NEED; if you haven’t identified your Self-Love Language, no amount of talk will convert to actions.

Along my journey, my lessons on self-love has been many, I have gotten to know myself well enough to know what I needed, what feeds my soul, what invigorates me etc. Acts of Self-Love for me ranged from; saying no to social events, taking time off, Gardening, Coffee all to way to ridiculous this like having a debate on controversial subjects with strangers.

Then Corona virus hit and (wait there’s a whole other blog just on that!) Go check.
(Leaving out a few irrelevant emotions and experiences )

4 Days into ‘Lock Down’, with zero contact, zero clients and zero classes. I found myself feeling very demotivated. Now I finally have time to do all the things on my seemingly endless to-do list, but I have no will, no drive and no fire to do them.  This of course just frustrated me more and then naturally the old behaviors crawl in, the self-loathing and disgust, why are you so useless?
Luckily I allow this knowing that it’s only temporary.

Last night discovered another part of me, I realised how much I love my job, my students, my clients, my patients and friends. How they are all a huge part of my own Self-Love quests. By loving YOU-ALL, I love myself more! By loving each other we learn how to love ourselves. We are all connected, we are ONE. By being Kind to each other we draw in, Exude and manifest more kindness.

Today I saw 2 clients, and already it made such a difference to me. THANK YOU!!!!

And as this month draws to a close, I am one lessen richer. I know myself a little better and can love ALL so much deeper.

Love & Gratitude


Expressive Dance Cacau Ceremony

cacau ceremony feb-01
We are dedicating seven weeks to developing and healing each chakra at the Simple Sense Therapy Center in Hogsback. On the 5th week (and 5th chakra), we are hosting an Expressive Dance Cacau Ceremony.
Bring The Following Intention with you: How do i want to express myself in The Walk of Life  
Date: 8 February 2020, Saturday 10:00 – 12:00.

R 200 per person

Chantell Van Outeniqua has been working with Ceremonial Cacao for 3 years.
Authentic Raw, Medicinal Cacao has a quality that is loving for The Heart both Physically and Energetically.
Cacao enriches our relationship with our own bodies and cultivates a humble way of relating with others.
How to Prepare:
Please avoid dairy and coffee for the day of The Ceremony.
Drink Lots of Water to prevent Detoxing effects
What to Bring:
Water to Drink
Blanket to Sit On
Comfortable Clothes to move around in.
A Warm Top
More info and bookings: Miki – 0767217956 or
Simple Sense team

Reflection & Gratitude

“The Throwing back by Body or Surface of Light, Heat or Sound Without Absorbing It”

How absolutely beautiful! I am well aware that this definition really refers to an actual reflection, such as your own, in a mirror or body of water, however, should we not do the same when reflecting upon the year that has now come to an end?

The other definition being ‘Serious Thought or Consideration” should be avoided at all costs in this instance. Truth is, we cannot change what has happened, we cannot alter an event or experience once it has been had. ‘Serious Thought or Consideration’ would require our full attention; and how can we then avoid being absorbed in every event and experience all over again?

31 Dec 2018, my final yoga class of the year was all about Releasing What No Longer Serves You. This year I asked my students to look back at 2019 and find the worst experience, event or hardship. That huge thing that SUCKED! The thing that possibly destroyed the year for you. Find it AND BE GRATEFUL FOR IT!

I try and make gratitude a daily practice and it’s easy to find hundreds of things to be grateful for. It’s easy to be grateful for all our blessings, for wonderful people in our lives and for the things we so easily take for granted. It’s a whole new challenge to be grateful for the shitty stuff. Especially while going through it. It’s hard to be grateful for a broken heart, the death of a loved one, loss of income or climate change for that matter. It’s so incredibly challenging to be grateful for destruction, change, a toxic family member or colleague.

Gratitude also enables us to truly reflect without being Absorbed in it all over again.

The thing is though, gratitude causes a shift. In hind sight, all the worst, most difficult times in your life, has taught you the most!
 When we learn, we grow. Gratitude allows us to be students.

I am… we are.

I honestly believe if you believe every person you meet is the absolute BEST version of themselves; 9 times out of 10, you will be right!

Hi. Who are you?

I am a business owner, I am unemployed. I have more money than common sense, I am broke and cannot feed my family. I live in a shack, I am homeless. I get abused by my husband and I beat my wife up every other night. I am a rapist, I am a murder. I am kind to every being I meet. I am generous and always give. I am lazy, I am a workaholic.

I am a drug addict, I am an alcoholic. I am a socialite, I am a loner. I constantly complain, I never let me guard down. I was born out of wedlock, I had a traumatic birth. My childhood was filled with love and magic. I was abandoned and never knew my parents. I am a doctor. I am a lawyer. I am a teacher. I am a hippie. I am a capitalist. I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist. I am an Atheist. I am a Moslem. I drive a Porsche. I walk. I am obese. I am anorexic. I am the light in someone’s life. I am the cause of someone’s suffering.

Yes I am all of the above and more. All of the above and less. I am everything and I am nothing.

We all know and some profess, that everything is CONNECTED. Yet we condemn one another effortlessly.

We are all on different paths, we are all meant to learn our own lessons. And we are meant to love each other wholeheartedly and without the constraints of conditions and judgments.

Use your judgement for the purpose it was meant to serve. Use your judgement to keep yourself safe and healthy. To know when to stop and when to go, to know what is too high to jump off and what is too hot to touch.

We all have traits and do things that someone won’t agree with. Some appear very lucky and blessed and others appear to be stuck in a cycle of self-destruction.

That doesn’t mean we need to fix each other or carry someone else’s burdens. I am simply saying; lets not ad more burdens with our condemnations.

No one has ever changed their behavior or thought patterns purely because they were told to. 

I honestly believe if you believe every person you meet is the absolute BEST version of themselves; 9 times out of 10, you will be right!

In Love & Gratitude


The Human Condition…

How often have you read a book, listened to a podcast, watched a video, taken psychedelics or just had a really great meditation… and then vowed to change everything in your life?

You’re feeling amazing, completely at peace with yourself and the world around you. Your entire being is filled with love and patience and you can handle anything and anyone. No one can upset or shake you now. You are aware and conscious and living in the NOW. You realise that you can choose how to react and respond and YOU GOT THIS….

(slightly evil giggle…)

Then your partner leaves laundry on the floor, toothpaste in the sink or forgets to pick up milk. Your colleague takes credit for something YOU did, your boss says something, your clients show up late for an appointment, you have to stand in a que at the bank, your car won’t start, dogs trample mud onto your freshly polished floors. You chip a nail or a heaven forbid, a tooth, you stub your toe or a family member wants to borrow money.

Somehow, inevitably you are faced with challenges and 99% of the time it will be your biggest pet peeves.

And just like that.. in what seems like a split second, your ‘Namaste’ turns in a ‘Nama-nodda-fuck’. After reacting and responding to those challenges in a way quite contradictory to your newly found awareness, you fall into the pits of quilt and self loathing.

“Why did I react like that; why couldn’t I just accept it and not respond negatively; why didn’t I say this or do that?” You go through thoughts of resentment, both towards yourself and the situation; you think less of yourself because you KNEW how to do it better and ‘right’. How useless are you if you can’t apply all this wisdom to your life and every situation. You know what I’m talking about…

And that my fellow humans… That’s exactly where the lesson lies.

I think most of the time we miss it. First we are so focused on our newly acquired saint-like mindset; and then on our demons, that we miss the plot.

You didn’t fail! Hug yourself and say ‘its okay’. Apologize to yourself. And accept that you are human, accept your emotions, your reactions and let it be what it is. If you keep doing this, inevitably you will grow.

As you don’t dry paint by looking at it, you can’t grow a tree by forcing the seeds to sprout or leaves to form. It will all happen by itself, just be okay with that.