20th of March

autumn equinox-01

Autumn is upon us once again.

We have harvested the fruits of the past cycle during summer and now we prepare to descent into seed state once again. We are putting our things down and getting ready for the winter to come.

Lyn de la Motte will be facilitating this very special date – that is also the astrological new year! Helping us prepare for this new phase and the new cycle that is beginning.

This date has been celebrated for centuries and is a BIG DEAL for the Earth Based Traditions.

It will be a simple and gentle ceremony.

20th March
18:00 – 19:30
R120 per person

Please bring:
Something comfortable to sit on.
An item that represents your harvest of the summer season.
Some light food to share after.


9th of May 2020

shanti may cacao ceremony-01

You are Warmly Welcomed to enjoy the pleasures of Sacred Chocolate together as a circle.

From here we enter an Interactive Sound Journey exploring the The Chakra System through Voicing Tibetan Sounds utilizing The Rainbow Labyrinth as a Path of Self Exploration.

10AM – 12PM

Chantell Van Outeniqua has been working with Ceremonial Cacao for 3 years.
Authentic Raw, Medicinal Cacao has a quality that is loving for The Heart both Physically and Energetically.
Cacao enriches our relationship with our own bodies and cultivates a humble way of relating with others.

How to Prepare:
Please avoid dairy and coffee for the day of The Ceremony.
Drink Lots of Water to prevent Detoxing effects

What to Bring:
Water to Drink
Blanket to Sit On
Comfortable Clothes to move around in.
A Warm Top

More info and bookings: Miki – 0767217956 or miki@simplesense.co.za