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After months of feeling like a cripple, I went for a few massages with Miki. She managed to identify the problem and I walked away like a new person. Amazing, intuitive and professional. Thank you.!   – Candy Butler

 I have been struggling for 14 years with really debilitating Sciatica, nobody could do anything for for me. I was taking anti-inflammatory painkillers  to a point of liver failure! Miki, you gave me back my life! Thank you from the bottom of my bottom – hehe.  – Julia 


Miki is experienced in many massage forms and applies her knowledge with wisdom and intuitiveness to provide massages that are specific to the needs of the client. Highly recommended. – Leigh Ashton-Morris Smith

My massage was honestly one of the best that I have ever had. If I was closer, I would definately have a weekly appointment booked!  – Glenn Naude

Miki used to see me weekly and I was saddened by her news of relocating to Hogsback. Just remembering the state of my body before our regular appointments petrified me. I was concerned  for nothing. My body is STILL in perfect health! I am grateful for magical beings like you! Thank you for restoring me and teaching my body how to maintain itself.  – Madelein Gerber
Miki’s knowledge of anatomy, where everything connects and how to remedy tension and pain is due to her years of experience and care for her clients. Always addresses the problem and feel better after a treatment.  – Tonya Serfontein-Burton
Had a combined sound therapy and massage session – it was wonderful! 🙂  – Sanisha Vala
Miki is simply amazing – feel better after just one session, but cannot wait to go back!!!! Thanks darling xxx  – Ros Honey Jordan

Fantastic treatments given by Miki. Felt very comfortable with her and she is very knowledgeable. You can not come to hogsback and not stop by Miki for a treatment.  – Sonia Botha-Scheepers
Miki has an amazing intuitive touch, enhancing her services immensely through her ability to hone into your specific energy and overall well-being, offering you a holistic insight and clarity few are able to provide. A truly wholesome and healing experience, every time!  – Kerry Elise Burns

Hi Miki. Wanted to send you an update. YOU HAVE FIXED MY BACK to the point that my surgeon says I do not need the surgery anymore!! I don’t know who was more shocked, me or him! I owe you my life! Thank you. – Josie

I want to thank Miki for spreading her love through her fingertips. The work that she does can be felt and I think that’s a very important thing when the brain runs the show. She can help you get back into your body and I trust the more one does it the more one becomes tuned into your physical. I had a lovely experience and would recommend visiting her pozzie while in Hogsback. I would also recommend doing some yoga with Miki. She has a lot to teach one. peace and love.  – Michanne Potgieter

Was an absolute fantastic experience for my wife and I. Miki really knew how to get rid of back pain and knots. I felt like a new person and completely relaxed after her therapy was done. I would highly recommend her to anyone in Hogsback wanting to get massaged. Regards Paul Marais 

Whilst on holiday at Hogsback I had the joy of an hour long massage, and a reflexology session with Miki, and also attended her local yoga class. All three sessions were wonderful and my time with Miki undoubtedly contributed to my week being immensely relaxing and re-energising. I highly recommend her services and will be booking my time with her in advance before I next holiday in beautiful Hogsback!  – Linda Eedes

Miki is experienced in many massage forms and uses her talent, experience and intuition to provide you with a personalised massage that is focused on your particular problem.  After my first massage, she had “magically”, massaged away all the knots in my back and neck and the pain caused by a pinched sciatic nerve.  I was able to bend and walk again without a limp or pain.  She has also provided me with exercises and stretches to help prevent future muscle spasm and aches. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from muscle spasms, pinched nerves or a general stressed life.  – Graeme Bradley
We’ve had quite a few “massage therapists” coming through our Village, practising their “arts” such as they know of them and have been taught them. Some yet reside here. Some who have left were very good and are yet missed. My experiences span 20 years.Whilst it may be true to say that “different strokes please different folks” , the proof of Professionalism must surely reside with the Masseuse who does not further damage an already damaged back, when alerted to a rather unusual  injury.In this you have excelled.Rest assured, no guest of my quite upmarket Guesthouse will be directed anywhere else, my having repeatedly made of my own injured self, a guinea pig over several years. First to others’ and then more lately to your healing hands.May you go from strength to strength.Most kind regards, Ingrid Luyt.

Ever since I have been visiting Miki I am pain free. She is an absolute professional with a great dose of intuition, and I can only highly recommend her as a therapist. We are lucky to have a professional of this calibre in our small village.  – Monika Hoff

We would like to take this opportunity and thank you very much for a wonderful,peaceful, relaxing and amazing massage, when my boyfriend and I visited Hogsback Miki gave us an experience of a lifetime. Miki you were simple amazing with your magic hands.Once again thank you,🏼And God bless you.♥️♥️Kind regards! Thando and Olwethu 

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