Shamanic Festival

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Welcome to Pathfinders  This is a festival, a sharing of understanding of those who walk in two worlds. The festival is for everyone, not just shamans.

Our intention is to share understanding of the ways that we can grow with our fellow beings, our lands, the animals, both the four leggeds, and the winged ones. There will be talks, workshops, ceremonies, food and dance.  San Bushmen, Sangomas and healers from around Southern Africa and abroad are gathering in the very special and sacred mountain forests of Hogsback nestled in the folds of the Amatole mountain range, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

We wish to celebrate our diverse make up of being human, and have no judgment about the ways of people, for we believe that the only way to understand is to share our beliefs and ways, and to find that thread that is common to us all. It is a Heart space, and this space is infinite. To be able to receive it, demands hearing, allowing, grace and opening.




Lyn Spirit Eagle

Soul-Retrieval & Extraction Shaman

Lyn’s Website


Julian M. Gordon

Quantum Kabbalist & Shaman

Julian’s Website


Chantell Van Outeniqua

Red Tent, Yoni Steaming and ixCacao


Terry-Lee Thomson

Labyrinth medicine