About Hogsback

Hogsback is a very special place in the hearts of all who have been here. We are in the forests in the folds of the Amatole Mountains, high in the clouds. We can feel Mother Earth touching Father Sky here. There is a sense of sacredness in every breath, as if we show ourselves more clearly to our Creator. Magic abounds with every interaction.  

Hogsback, being a magic mountain, an African Avalon, is a sensitive environment. The weather can be sudden and dramatic. So we ask that you do not go off wondering on your own into the mists, chase fireflies in the forests, or pick the mushrooms. Please do not piss off the fairies and drop litter. This is a no drugs and alcohol festival. Due to current laws in South Africa, we will not do plant medicine ceremonies during the festival.


We are preparing a special campsite for the festival at the Simple Sense Therapy Center. a village of gathering. Here we will have workshops, sell our wares, sleep, sing, drum, and eat.

If you prefer, to be more comfortable on a bed between sheets, please see here for other places you might like to be in.

Do have a look here and here for more information regarding Hogsback, further accomodation options and sorrounds.