Treatments & Therapies

At Simple Sense we strive to give your body what it needs to restore itself back to a natural state of system- symbiotic-health. Whether you choose to be a once off client or opt for a goal orientated treatment plan, your body will benefit. Treating the cause instead of the effect, ensures lasting results. Our assessment process looks at all aspects of your body and we then apply the right, customized treatment combination.  We also offer 4 week rehabilitation getaways, where we provide accommodation and customized package with therapy and care to get you back on your feet.

Acupunture, Craniosacral Therapy as well as the Bowen Technique
These therapies are integrated into the Simple Sense massage style. They are add-on techniques we use to compliment every massage. All three very different and specific treatments in their own right, we pride ourselves in combing therapies specific to YOUR body’s requirements.

Physical Therapy
Post-operative / Post Injury / Pre-event preparation and strengthening/ GAIT training / Corrective and regenerative.

Everything is connected and there are most definitely reflex points in your feet that correlates to organs and body parts. This treatment is focused on your feet and uses difference level of pressure in various zones on your feet. Focusing on problem areas and releasing tensions and restrictions.