Treatments & Therapies

At Simple Sense we strive to give your body what it needs to restore itself back to a natural state of system- symbiotic-health. Whether you choose to be a once off client or opt for a goal orientated treatment plan, your body will benefit. Treating the cause instead of the effect, ensures lasting results. Our assessment process looks at all aspects of your body and we then apply the right, customized treatment combination.  We also offer 4 week rehabilitation getaways, where we provide accommodation and customised package with therapy and care to get you back on your feet.


On our Booking site you will find sub-categories; Medicine for the Mind, Medicine for the Body and Medicine for the Soul.

Medicine for the Soul

Energy Healing

Energy Reading
We access your energy field through channeling of metaphorical images & messages to guide and deepen the understanding of your current life challenges to bring new perspectives to your present moment. The reading will support you in your personal healing, deepen your self-knowledge and ground you into your connection with the earth.

Shadow Work
We deepen the process and support you in releasing limiting beliefs, past Traumas, Negative emotional Patterns or anything else that is identified during your energy reading. We do this through an in-depth personalised meditation into your internal space or through the south american shamanic channeling called energetic alignment of the sacred fire.

After your Reading, you will receive personalised guidance to boost your positive vibration. Increase your abundance manifestation and tune into your higher potential. We will develop a daily morning routine, rituals and practices for you to empower yourself according to your vibration.

Womanly Arts
Develop your feminine energy through the practice of ancient womanly wisdom. learn to use your cycles for personal growth. Harness your moontime. Reconnect with your ability to feel pleasure and follow your desires. Purify and awaken your womb through rituals and daily practices.

Floral Therapy
Floral Remedies work on our issues on a soul level. They are Vibrational essences that heal and Transmute deep patterns from within. They can also support the development of qualities and talents. After your Reading, we develop a personal formula to be taken everyday from 1 to 3 months.

Sound and Vibration Therapy
Using Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tuning forks specifically made to match frequencies  within your body and it’s energy systems (Chakras). These frequencies tune your body to its optimal functionality. Promotes release and clearing of all emotional or energetic blockages as well as healing and restoration.

Reiki is Energy Healing. Light to no touch, this Japenese technique is  performed by a therapist with healing in their palms. Unblocking stagnant energy and re-establishing flow of your Chi / Life force energy. It is also extremely stress relieving. 

Medicine for the Mind


A qualified Integral Yoga teacher, Miki teaches various styles of yoga; from Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, Yin yoga etc. Daily yoga classes. Private or small group classes. Her authentic personality shines through in every thing she does, her classes are for EVERYONE. No matter your belief system, age, health or experience level. 

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Medicine for the Body

Body Work

Simple Sense Massage
Whether you receive a Full Body; Leg; Back and Shoulder; Sports or Relaxing massage, Simple Sense will provide your body with what it needs. Intuitive, Corrective and Compassionate touch. Your body is perfect and we’ll treat it as such.

Acupunture, Craniosacral Therapy as well as the Bowen Technique
These therapies are integrated into the Simple Sense massage style (Makarios Massage). They are add-on techniques we use to compliment every massage. All three very different and specific treatments in their own right, we pride ourselves in combing therapies specific to YOUR body’s requirements.

Physical Therapy
Post-operative / Post Injury / Pre-event preparation and strengthening/ GAIT training / Corrective and regenerative. 

Manual Lymph Drainage
MLD is a very gentle, but highly effective and specialised medical massage technique. Not only is it amazing for detoxifying the body, it does wonders for swelling and bruising

Everything is connected and there are most definitely reflex points in your feet that correlates to organs and body parts. This treatment is focused on your feet and uses difference level of pressure in various zones on your feet. Focusing on problem areas and releasing tensions and restrictions.