18th April


LOCOMOTION – Authentic Movement Workshop with Lyn and Julian

We have a tendency to hold our emotions in our bodies. This “Authentic” or expressive movement uses exercises and various techniques to connect us to our bodies and allow us the space to express what is really going on with us through movement and interaction. But in order to do that, we have to understand and learn how to connect to our bodies and consciously express ourselves. There will be individual exercises to loosen up and learn more about how our body moves and behaves, and also interactive exercises to bring our emotions to the surface. It is a cleansing and freeing time.

We have a lymph system in our bodies that carries the white blood corpuscles that defend our bodies against disease. This lymph system needs movement to be active as it has no “heartbeat”. This is an important reason to move and be active. There is also much evidence that we store our negative emotions in our bodies, and after time can become toxic and cause (or precipitate illness. Authentic movement is about activating the “upper” lymph system, to clean out (or make lucid) the spiritual aspect of this system, to make us more able to deal with the pressures and dis-ease with which we can fill our bodies. You could think of this heart as being hidden, for it is afraid, and we need to give it love and attention to cause it to open.

But the essence of all such release is to be comfortable, feel safe and have fun. We will introduce you to the concept and the work. We will move around and do exercises to bring us into touch with our bodies. And then we will dance…

Date: Sat, 18th April
Time: 6-8pm
Price: R250

Wear comfortable clothes. Water will be provided